Dr. Ted began practising the specialty of orthodontics in Collingwood in 2001 after working for many years in Toronto and the GTA. For many years he was an instructor at the University of Toronto in the Graduate Orthodontic Clinic on a part-time basis, helping to train dentists to become orthodontists. He has sat on the governing committees of the Ontario Association of Orthodontists, the Canadian Association of Orthodontists, the University of Toronto Faculty Council, and the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario, the licensing body for dentistry in this province.
BROOKE and ALMA are our Hygienists. Their responsibilities include placing and removing braces, tying in and removing archwires, helping our patients with their elastics etc. and with maintaining good oral hygiene as part of overall patient care. Brooke joined the Collingwood Orthodontics Team in Spring 2021 and Alma joined us later in the Fall.
VICKI is our Level II Orthodontic Assistant. She takes the impressions, x-rays and photographs and assists Dr. Schipper and our hygienists in the treatment area. She helps patients with their retainers and helps them maintain good oral hygiene. Vicki joined the Collingwood Orthodontics Team early in 2021.
COLETTE is our Business Assistant, responsible for the administrative aspects of the practice. Most often, she is the voice you hear on the telephone and is responsible for maintaining our daily schedule and for general business matters. From time to time Colette will also communicate with our patients' dentists or other specialists' offices. Colette joined the Collingwood Orthodontics Team in the summer of 2021.
KYLA is our Treatment Co-ordinator. She is the liaison between the practice and our patients and parents. She keeps in regular communication with our patients by telephone, email and text. When necessary, Kyla also communicates with our patients' dental offices. She looks after our special days and is responsible for keeping our Instagram site current. Kyla is also a Level II Orthodontic Assistant and will help out with the Clinic Team from time to time. Colette joined the Collingwood Orthodontics Team in 2017.