Collingwood Orthodontics TeamCollingwood Orthodontics began in Collingwood, Ontario on September 10th, 2001. Dr. Ted Schipper decided to spend more time living in the area that he and his family vacationed in for many years. He rented space from a local dentist and started a one-day-a-week practice on Mondays.

In July 2004, Collingwood Orthodontics moved to its own facility and present location on Collingwood's main downtown street, and in December 2007, the office was expanded to accommodate the ever growing number of patients. Since 2004, Dr. Schipper has been gradually phasing out of his Toronto practice to spend more time in Collingwood. The Toronto practice was closed in the fall of 2007. Presently Collingwood Orthodontics is open Monday through Friday, with three or four days each week devoted to patient care.

Our Mission: Improving the lives of our patients, one smile at a time
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